Ray Dalio Says Outlook For 2021 Is Bad

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Ray Dalio is the original founder the largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates. He’s known for his macro economic expertise, and as the pioneer of risky parity investing, an investment strategy that focuses on diversifying according to risk rather than asset class.

In a recent Ray Dalio interview, he talks about the current state of the economy and what is to come. Dalio explains that the dollars role as the Global Reserve Currency is at risk. Ray Dalio explains the different types of monetary policy used in the past, present, and what will likely be done in the future. He then shares his opinion on the markets, and provides investors with some ideas for investing in the coming months and years. Ray Dalio speaks about inflation, deflation, and how different economies will react moving forward.

If you’re worried about inflation, market volatility, or a full on market crash, this is an interview you don’t want to miss. Ray Dalio is a true genius inside and outside of the investment world, and his insights on the stock market, equities, bonds, cash, and gold is unlike anyone else in the mainstream financial media.

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