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Today we take look at the financial results of the Nvidia stock, which is one of the hottest semiconductor stocks and we look at the 2021 share price forecast.
To be honest we don’t even need to dive into the financials of Nvidia, to show you why this is a great investment opportunity, just buy the stock, because there are soo many reasons to invest in semiconductors.
But, since we want to make informed financial decisions let’s take a look at the financials anyways.
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For the past trading days the Nvidia stock has seen a downward trend, suggesting that investor find the current share price a bit too high going into earnings. However, as it currently stands Nvidia is in excellent financial health, their current assets stand at $14.4 billion dollars versus only $3.7 billion in current liabilities. So they can easily fulfil their short term obligations.
Next to this, the shareholder’s Equity stands at $15.3 billion dollars, making for a very valuable company.
During the height of the economic down turn in 2020 Nvidia still managed to produce excellent Q2 results.


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So based on the amazing improvement from Q2 to Q3 and also the year over year results for both quarters, the only way the upcoming earnings can cause a dip in the stock is if the expectation of analysts is too high.

The value of investments can up as well as down. Buy and Sell at your own discretion and always act with prudence when making investment decisions. The income derived of this is not guaranteed.
Make sure you have a well balanced and diversified portfolio. This will limit your exposure to fluctuations in a specific security. So this means spreading out your investments across, money market funds, low risk ETF’s, stable high yield dividend stocks, growth stocks and if you want the added risk, you could opt for forex, crypto and volatile penny stocks.
Never invest all you savings or all your monthly/yearly income, but only the money you can offered to lose.

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