Gold Price Forecast 2021: Will Gold Price Reach Record Highs in 2021?

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Here is our Gold price forecast 2021! The Gold price has had an incredible and volatile 2020. Will the gold price 2021 be even more crazy? Watch as David Jones walks us through the Gold chart and extrends the current trend projections into a Gold 2021 scenario. Will bulls’ gold price forecast of $2,000 and beyond become reality? Or will the gold 2021 price go down?

The gold price expectation of Jim Steel, chief precious metals analyst at HSBC, sees the commodity at $1,965 per ounce in 2021: “We’re looking for strength in the early part of the year and maybe more moderation in the second part, but don’t forget that’s an average, which means that the market will likely stay at about $2,000 for some time, and some time under $1,900.”

Speaking of the gold price 2021, analysts at Heraeus Precious Metals explained: “A worsening pandemic situation will mean a weaker economy and that seems to have triggered selling in the financial markets. Gold was not spared from the sell-off. The gold price has had a strong inverse correlation with US bond yields and real interest rates which have begun to rise. Short term, the price could fall further but gold’s safe-haven status should provide some support.”

Will gold price reach record highs in 2021? Or will gold prices decrease in 2021? Let us know in the comments about your gold 2021 forecast and if you’re a buyer or a seller right now.

Watch the full video to see how we breeak down how we arrived at our Gold 2021 prediction in detail. And if what you’re seeing is in line with your own Gold 2021 predictions, then share it with a friend who might benefit from a fresh Gold technical analysis.

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