Earnings Seasons Kickoff Q4 Earnings Forecast Global Economic Trends vs US Economic Trends Pt 2

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http://www.StockMarketFunding.com Earnings Seasons Kickoff Q4 Earnings Forecast Global Economic Trends vs US Economic Trends Pt 2. Q4 Earnings for The Week “AA” was moved from the start of the earnings and they conviently moved AA’s earnings announcement because they always miss their earnings and cause a gap down in the markets and in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. the S&P Earnings we told people the earnings would go down back in 2007. Considerin the S&P 500 Earnings mostly come from services from international exposure. We would hit the peak earnings and it would be time to sell the earnings. American companies are doing much better but they haven’t hired you. US Companies world wide have been outsourcing due to problems with the economic structure here in the United States. Where are the large companies making their money? They are making it by having some one in Asia, China, Bangladesh, and other 3rd world countries that will help improve their profit margins. At the beginning of the earnings cycle we’ll be focused on key specific R&D Capital Expeditutres, we’ll be listening for specific topics on the earnings calls. We’ll be looking to see if the growth rate of the last quarter relative to last quarters slower figures. PMI was better than expected by they sold into the rally. We cover MON, YUM, WWW, MOS, earnings season modual, us revenues vs global regional revenues and compare it to prior quarters to understand the strength of the US consumer. US revenues vs global revenues. The key to each of these earnings report, next week will be a bigger earnings week. Intel INTC already came out and warned about the earnings and discussed their record breaking quarters. Their revenues where high, after each quarter they were giving upside guidance and said how wonderful it would be. They came out a month later and guided down their upside guidance. They can’t live up their “Wall St estimates” this will be the new earnings cycle that will be 18 months going out from this data. We saw companies leveraging themselves correctly and executing well. We’ll take a look at the semiconductor sector. They’re looking for huge layoffs in the financial services sector. The rich are being penalized for doing well and the less unfortunate are getting rewarded for things they have no intention of contributing more or doing better. The way the US was built, everyone needs to get together and do the right thing. Will it come? It won’t happen unless you change US economic policy. The Federal Reserve will make sure they restimulate to keep it all going. Banking system, us corporations got what they needed, but the US comsumer and US taxpayer didn’t and they’re still not hiring us. The stimulus is wearing off and corporate earnings are starting to fade. Every American corporation should be hiring US workers instead of continuing the deindustrialization of America. JP Morgan will decline in the earnings cycle for the next 6 quarters. Eric Smitt came out and agreed with SMF and said that we would be seeing lower growth rates in futures quarters. May google’s CEO is reflecting this on global searches. We’ll be looking at the transportation sector. We did a report on Fedex FDX because they’re raising their prices and their earnings fell short and we provided earnings analysis on it a few weeks back. Instead of passing on the cost to the consumer, they should be helping the American Consumer. We’ll be looking at the difference between US and global earnings, MCDONALDS (MCD) Walmart (WMT), Intel (INTC) have leveraged themselves well. There will be great “trading opportunities”. We’ll been trading Google (GOOG) and we will continue to trade in long and short going into the earnings. Risk management skills taught in our educational courses at SMF will better help students learn how to trade the earnings cycle. We’ll take a look at the “google chart” and do some “short term technical analysis” Companies will then lay people off because they need to leverage their earnings. They should be producing for you as a shareholder. There is a fine art and understanding when it comes to the earnings cycles. We’re not calling for a “total collapse” we’re discussing the dimishing earnings and how they have peaked in the challeges facing US companies going into 2011. What about the next 6 quarters of earnings, we’ll have database of videos and trend analysis of all these earnings quarters. Are CEOs as bullish as they were when things were working? We’re short selling the good news every time, no matter what. After hours trading will be traded based on our after hours day trading formula that is based on mathematical. Weaker growth, lower guidances, dimishing guidances, it will be the first month of the 18 month cycle. Lower growth is with growth, lower yields are lower yields, higher yields are higher yields.


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