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Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is the governance token for Kyber Network. KNC is important for the economics of the Kyber protocol and as an incentive system for stakeholders.

Kyber Network is a decentralized exchange that provides on-chain liquidity that is aggregated through a dynamic reserve pool, containing all entities of reservation in the system. This allows the exchange of value between different ERC20 tokens. Having multiple entities in the group prevents monopolization and keeps exchange rates competitive.

Financial apps and cash flows with instant token swap services can be developed beyond the Kyber network. The vision is a world where any token can be used anywhere and the Kyber protocol wants to be the only liquidity endpoint in the chain for buyers and manufacturers .

Taker are users, wallets, exchanges or dApps that make use of the function of token swaps. Maker or Reserves are liquidity providers who provide tokens for trading. There are currently 3 reserve models available on the Kyber network: (1) Fed Price Reserve (FPR), (2) Automated Price Reserve (APR), (3) Bridge Reserve.

When a buyer requests a trade, the protocol will search the entire network to find the reserve with the best price and will take liquidity from that particular reserve.

Maintainers are a governing body that determines which reservations are added to the Kyber Protocol and ensure that reservations adhere. Loi Luu and Victor Tran are the founders of Kyber Network. Luu previously created Listener, the first open source security analyzer for Ethereum contracts, and co-founded SmartPool, a decentralized mining pool project. The Kyber Network team has an advisory board, the most notable member of which is Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum.

To prevent bad players in the reserve pool, Kyber Network will mark any exchange rate that is far outside the norm for special approval. Kyber protects funds in a public reserve and makes all exchanges that use them available through a transparent fund management model.

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Total Market Capitalisation: $ 445M
24 Hour Trading Volume: $ 336M
Circulating Supply: 204M
Total Supply: 226M
Market Cap / Total Value Locked: 132


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